SONUH’s Training on Maternal and Child Health Marks a Turning Point in Somali IDP Camps

In a significant stride toward enhancing healthcare services in Somali Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps, the Somali National Union of Healthcare Workers (SONUH) conducted an intensive training session on November 1st, 2023. This session, aimed at improving maternal and child health, has promised to revolutionize the health landscape within these vulnerable communities.

The training, organized by SONUH, brought together a diverse group of healthcare workers and professionals from various IDP camps across Somalia. With a focus on addressing the critical issues surrounding maternal and child health, the session delved into comprehensive modules covering prenatal care, safe delivery practices, postnatal care, infant nutrition, and pediatric healthcare.

The event witnessed the active participation of renowned experts in the field of maternal and child health, sharing their insights and expertise with over 30 women healthcare workers attending the training. Practical demonstrations, interactive sessions, and the exchange of best practices were at the core of this transformative initiative.

“The training has equipped us with updated knowledge and essential skills needed to provide better care for mothers and children in our camps,” expressed a participant, reflecting the positive reception of the program.

SONUH’s initiative stands poised to address the pressing challenges faced within these IDP camps, where access to quality healthcare remains a significant concern. The training’s focus on upskilling healthcare workers is expected to drive a paradigm shift, significantly improving healthcare outcomes for mothers and children in these marginalized communities.

The event wasn’t without its challenges, with resource constraints and infrastructure limitations identified as potential hurdles. However, SONUH’s commitment to addressing these challenges and working in collaboration with stakeholders and international bodies remains resolute.

Looking ahead, SONUH plans to continue its efforts in sustaining the impact of this initiative. The organization aims to further expand its reach by conducting more training sessions, establishing partnerships, and advocating for increased support from governmental and international health organizations.

SONUH’s recent training initiative has emerged as a beacon of hope, promising a brighter, healthier future for mothers and children in Somali IDP camps. The concerted efforts and commitment of SONUH underscore the importance of continuous support and investment in healthcare interventions within these vulnerable communities.

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