Our Objectives

Advocacy and Representation

We engage with policymakers, healthcare institutions, and relevant stakeholders to shape policies, regulations, and standards that address the needs of health workers and improve the healthcare system as a whole.

Workplace Safety and Health

We advocate for comprehensive workplace safety measures, including the provision of personal protective equipment, training on infection control, and the establishment of protocols to address occupational hazards. Our union strives to create a safe and healthy work environment for all health professionals.

Protecting Workers' Rights

We advocate for fair working conditions, equitable remuneration, safe and healthy workplaces, and access to social security benefits. Our union actively engages in negotiations with employers, policymakers, and relevant authorities to ensure the implementation of labor laws and standards.

Professional Development

Our union provides access to educational resources, training programs, and workshops to enhance the skills, knowledge, and competencies of our members. We promote opportunities for career advancement and support the pursuit of further education in the healthcare field.

We are here to Advocate For Healthcare Workers rights in Somalia