Somali Health Workers Union Delegation Attended International Symposium in Turkey.

In a significant step towards advancing healthcare and promoting international collaboration, the Somali National Union of Healthcare Workers (SONUH) delegation, led by Secretary General Mahad Dahir, is participating in the prestigious International Health and Social Service Workers Union Symposium program held in Turkey.

The symposium, a highly anticipated gathering of healthcare professionals and union representatives from around the world, aims to foster knowledge exchange, share best practices, and discuss pressing issues in the field of health and social services. With the theme of “Building Stronger Healthcare Systems Together,” the event provides a unique platform for participants to learn from each other’s experiences and develop innovative solutions.

SONUH’s presence at the symposium highlights the growing recognition and importance of Somalia’s healthcare sector within the global community. The delegation, composed of highly experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals, seeks to strengthen partnerships, explore collaborative opportunities, and showcase the progress and challenges faced by the Somali health workforce.

Secretary General Mahad Dahir, a prominent advocate for healthcare workers’ rights and improved healthcare standards in Somalia, is leading the delegation. His participation reflects SONUH’s commitment to advocating for fair working conditions, professional development, and improved patient care in the country.

During the symposium, the Somali delegation will actively engage in panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions with representatives from various international health and social service workers unions. They will share insights on the unique challenges faced by healthcare workers in Somalia, including the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, infrastructure development, capacity building, and the need for sustained investment in the sector.

Additionally, the delegation will seize the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other countries, gaining valuable insights into effective strategies for strengthening healthcare systems, improving healthcare delivery, and enhancing workforce well-being.

SONUH’s participation in this international symposium not only facilitates knowledge sharing but also emphasizes the union’s dedication to empowering Somali healthcare workers and advocating for the welfare of both professionals and patients alike. By actively engaging with global partners, the delegation aims to leverage these connections and contribute to the continuous improvement of Somalia’s healthcare landscape.

As the symposium progresses, Secretary General Mahad Dahir and the entire SONUH delegation remain committed to fostering meaningful collaborations, gaining valuable knowledge, and driving positive change in the Somali healthcare sector. Their active involvement in this international forum signals a new chapter in the advancement of healthcare services in Somalia and sets a precedent for future engagement on a global scale.

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